Just like you, I was a little bummed when I heard that Yakima Speedway was being sold and demolished. My wife's dad raced on that track for years! BUT look at the bright side: People around here have complained of the lack of things to do in Yakima. Granted, the speedway going away takes away another thing to do, but consider the possibilities!

According to the Yakima Herald-Republic,"... the project is expected to include a 120-plus room hotel, a multi-story office tower and a mixed-use development with shops, restaurants and condos, as well as a family activity center that will include an NHL-size ice arena."

That should be exciting to us! They've dubbed the facility "Sun Square Yakima."  It'll have shops, restaurants, a family activity center and a NEW ICE ARENA! As far as the "NHL-size" ice arena, I'm assuming they are referring to the size of the ice, and not the arena. But hey, maybe this new ice arena will bring us a junior hockey team, Disney On Ice, open general skate sessions, etc.

As far as the shops and restaurants, let's dream big. Check out this mixed-use development with shops and restaurants in Glendale, Ariz.! It has restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters, Mexican restaurants, Cajun restaurants, bars & more.  Now this huge complex is unlikely, but a scaled down version is definitely possible!

As far as the shops and family activity center are concerned? That's anyone's guess. But based on what has been being built in Yakima as of late, (Five Guys, remodeled Red Robin, Mod Pizza, Chipotle, Boot Barn, etc.) I'm sure we won't be disappointed.

Just what I've indicated above gives us A LOT more to do in exchange for losing the Yakima Speedway.

This project will also help improve the Yakima image for those driving through on Interstate 82. I'm on board with this project ... I'm really excited for the future of this.

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