Sugarland will soon return with new music, and fans are two trips over the moon about it. Will a tour follow? Surely an album is coming too, right? Can Jennifer Nettles still do the Roger Rabbit? Here are five reasons we're stoked to see Sugarland sharing a microphone once again.

Nettles and Kristian Bush teased fans with the idea of a comeback at the 2017 CMA Awards, but quietly went into full torture mode by wiping clean their Instagram page, save for one #StilltheSame image. Then, they played the Big Machine Label Group CMAs afterparty, confirming the next day that new music is coming in the next few weeks.

That means there will soon be another female voice on the radio, but perhaps more importantly, there is likely to be more feel-good on the radio. Sugarland's best songs always preached unity and healing, often in subtle ways. This was the band's brand, and we're glad to have it back in lights.

Fans know they can count on nothing bland from the multi-time Duo of the Year winners, and they know Nettles can dance. Watch the above video to see one example — if Bush learns the Hot Dog Dance for a future show, we'll officially be D-U-N.

We do not yet know what #StilltheSame is, but it makes this list because it's been so long since we heard any news about this duo's return, we're up for anything. Why are you looking forward to seeing Sugarland return to the stage? Share in the comments section below.

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