Reba McEntire
is taking reports of her alleged tragic death very well. After tweeting yesterday that she was indeed still breathing and doing all the things expected of a healthy, 56-year-old woman, she posted this picture to the Reba McEntire on WhoSay website.

The text is a modified version of the quote Mark Twain delivered after news outlets reported his passing. McEntire looks to be placed inside a scene from ‘The Sound of Music,’ or at least an old-fashioned filming of ‘The Sound of Music’ movie.

Fans began scrambling for answers on Sunday night after a Reba McEntire death hoax surfaced on the internet. It was clear the publisher had made up the story, but those who didn’t read the disclaimer were led to believe that McEntire fell from a mountain in Austria while filming a movie on Sunday morning. After hours of speculation, the singer finally announced — with gentle sarcasm — that she was still alive and that she is not planning on taking part in any movie being filmed in Austria.

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