By now, you've probably realized that last Wednesday's record-breaking Powerball "winner" who offered $1 million to random person on Facebook was a phony, but there may be a silver lining for a young lady here in our state.

A few days after I initially wrote about the hoax that was pulled by Nolan Daniels, his brother, Derek, left a message on the KATS Facebook page saying, basically, that his brother is a douche bag for perpetrating such a fraud.  You can read his comments by clicking here.

Part of his reasoning was that many, of the over 2,000,000 people who shared his photo on Facebook, also sent personal messages of great hardship and really needed some hope - only to have it dashed by a practical joke.

Well, it now appears that Nolan Daniels has had a change of heart and is trying to make amends by helping one of the people who wrote him and it so happens to be a young girl here in our state of Washington (Auburn) by the name of Brook Reeves-Charlton.

"EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE THIS AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME! My brother, the lottery hoax guy from last week has started the Donation for $100 and set a goal of $100,000 for someone in need. Over 2 million shared the hoax and it would be a dream to see that this post shatters that record with the strength of the holiday spirit. Share this and with the power of Social Media and the power of the human heart, let's help out Brooke Reeves-Charlton and her daughter. She's one of the people that emailed Nolan Daniels believing she had a chance at a million. She has Chiari Malformation of the Brain and has over 100,000 in Medical expenses and is losing her residence due to financial crisis."


The above message was on brother Derek's Facebook page lead to this link where the following was posted by the notorious Nolan Daniels himself:

I'm Nolan Daniels and I am the person who manipulated a photo to look like Powerball winning numbers and offer 1 million to anyone who shared my photo. I never imagined the attention it would get and over 2 million shares. Many people flooded my inbox with hardship stories and why they wanted the money.  I felt horrible and never intended for it to blow out of proportion.

One person’s story stood out to me as it involved things out of her control and it hit home.  My Brother had a Brain injury in 2008 that damaged his frontal lobe.  It was a very difficult time for him and our family.

This person does not have a Brain Injury but she has a Brain disorder and the Medical costs are over 6 figures.  She’s had Brain surgery, Spinal cord surgery and her daughter is diagnosed with this rare disorder Chiari Malformation of the Brain.

I’d love to turn this into something positive and if each of you could just donate $1 maybe we can save a family and bring awareness to the disorder.

Brooke is a great person.  I’ve talked to her several times now and she’s also a volunteer patient advocate for  She help patients get ready for surgery and helps the emotionally with the process.  She’s very active in the organization and even told me if this donation grew too large she’d donate the rest to to raise awareness.

I will not be taking any money from donations received and if you don’t want to donate then you don’t have to.  If you want to help, please donate to as an alternative.
Nolan has got the ball rolling by personally donating $100 to get the ball rolling.  I suggest we all "share" this link on Facebook and see if we can't help her raise the money she needs!

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