There’s good news Robocop fans, as director Neill Blomkamp has confirmed via social media that his RoboCop Returns will feature the crimefighter back in his original ‘80s era suit. To that, we say, “I’ll buy that for a dollar.”

The original film starred Peter Weller as Officer Alex Murphy, who was brutally attacked in the line of duty, only to hold on long enough to be used as part of Omni Corporation’s cyborg crime unit, donning the iconic, metal-enforced suit as he was put into action.

There were a pair of sequels, with the franchise rebooting in 2014 with The Killing star Joel Kinnaman inheriting the Murphy role. The film yielded modest box office returns, but did earn some backlash over the look of the character. A sequel was considered before producers decided to revisit the original film and explore the possibilities of a direct sequel.

With Blomkamp on board, the director was reportedly utilizing an unused draft of RoboCop 2 created by writers Michael Miner and Ed Neumeier for source material. The draft was turned over to Justin Rhodes, who re-wrote the script.

When pressed on Twitter about the status of the film, Blomkamp stated, “Script is being written. Going well! Imagine watching Verhoeven do a follow up film.” That, of course, refers to original RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven. Not long after, a second inquiry came about the RoboCop suit and whether it was being used. “1 million% original,” was the director’s reply.

While little is known in terms of casting as of yet, the new film supposedly finds RoboCop attempting to defeat Clarence Boddicker, who has been resurrected into a machine, as the madman attempts to destroy Detroit. Boddicker was played in the original film by Kurtwood Smith.

There was no comment on when the film would be expected to arrive.

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