Once upon a time there was an IHOP in Union Gap and it was wonderful. It was a spot I'd visit at least once a month. Sad to hear they left. Although we do have an IHOP in Ellensburg, I'd love to see one come back to Yakima.

That's when I overheard someone mentioning rumors of IHOP coming back. I figured I'd reach out to IHOP directly to ask about this.

It intrigued me because they were pretty specific about it even calling out the location of where it would be and, to me, that location would make a lot of sense. It was also mentioned they correctly predicted the opened of another store that was recently announced. I won't say what store or location as it may be wrong, but all the pieces were adding up. The only thing missing was confirmation from IHOP themselves. So I reached out to them to ask them, point blank. Here was their response.

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, there are no plans to open an IHOP restaurant in Yakima.

Thank you!

IHOP Communications

From IHOP themselves, there's no immediate plans on building an IHOP in Yakima. That doesn't mean we'll never get one, but it does mean we're not getting one yet.

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