Food is just fantastic, isn't it? I find myself writing about it a lot, while I eat it and think about it, and plan my day around it. It would seem we have access to so many different options in our area but that doesn't mean we couldn't have more!

Some spots people want to come here, you'd think would be perfect but actually have already been before and closed like Twigs, IHOP, Casa Mia, Golden Wheel, Bobs Big Boy and so on. The reasons vary on why it wasn't a good fit or couldn't continue but let's move on to stuff we haven't seen in these parts, as well as reminders of places that are open currently, offering up what people feel is lacking in the area. At any point, you can reach out with suggestions and thoughts via our app and I will update the info.

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What Restaurants/Food is the Yakima Valley Missing Out On?

  • The Cheesecake Factory - The menu is gigantic offering up so many different options including fantastic appetizers, drinks, and the main event. Cheesecake. So many cheesecakes, by the pie or slice, this would be cool to have in the area.
  • Pig N Pancakes - If you've ever been to Seaside, OR you already know but you can't go wrong with a menu full of delicious breakfast items!
  • Gangnam Style Korean BBQ - Have you ever cooked your meat selection at the table? That would be a fun experience in town!
  • Texas Roadhouse - I haven't been to one but judging from the menu and the pictures of made from scratch buttery biscuits, I feel it would be worth a second look
  • PF Chang's - an Asian and Chinese filled menu with elevated drinks and more
  • Brazilian Steakhouse - Something different for our area that's full of flavor
  • The Melting Pot - The Original Fondue Restaurant - I have yet to visit one but it's always been on my list. Who doesn't love a chance to dip everything in cheese or sweets!
  • Ivars Fish and Chips - It's been a long while since we had a spot that specifically served this type of meal
  • L&L Hawaiian BBQ - If you know, you know!
  • African Cuisine - Have you ever had or heard of Fufu? OMG with some stew it is divine

What Restaurant/Food Will Not Make It Here?

  • Dave & Busters - This spot is SO much fun but unfortunately, the Yakima Valley doesn't meet the requirements to open one
  • Trader Joe's - Not interested in this market

Spots Currently in the Yakima Valley Covering Multiple Bases for Foodies

  • Vida Health Bar - This isn't a sit-down restaurant however it features smoothies in shake or bowl form, a hippie sandwich that is to die for, and the most decadent chocolate pie ever. Their vegan tacos with walnut chorizo are something else as well!
  • Joy Garden - If you are searching for a Korean menu, this is a fantastic spot to start
  • NUYU Juice Bar - Another spot that you can drive through and grab yourself avocado toast, booster shots filled with all kinds of fancy health options, smoothies, and bowl and shake form as well!
  • Mangoz Grill - This sit down spot has an ever-changing menu and tons of vegan and gluten-free options
  • Game & Grog Bar - Featuring vegan options on the menu
  • Provisions Restaurant & Market - An incredible menu with a market inside the building featuring fancy items for your cooking and entertaining plus many vegan options
  • What I Crave Food Truck - They might not be a sit-down restaurant but that hasn't stopped them from creating an awesome selection of items including vegan options

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Mercedes & Family

Ron's Tacos and Burgers

Ballesteri's Cafe

Caffe 11th Ave

Gyro House

Kyoto Sushi & Steak House

Nino's Mexican Grill

Xochimilco Tequila Bar

Mel's Diner in Yakima

MOD Pizza

E.Z Tiger

Captain Crab and Ramen

Why Not! My Pho Kitchen

Yakima Thai Cuisine

Waterfire Restaurant & Bar

The Kabob House

Tammy's Mexican Restaurant

The Habit Burger - Newly Opened in Yakima

The HopTown Wood Fired Pizza Experience

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