For 97 years, Land Park won't be the same as Sacrament Zoo has decided to leave. Permanently.
Fortunately for those in the Sacramento area, it's not that they're closing shop, just relocating.

Where will the new Sacramento Zoo be?

According to, This new location, Elk Grove -- just south of Sacramento.

This new location will be great for the area as it will have the capacity to house animals previous unavailable to the current location.

The current location of the Sacramento Zoo is in town with nowhere to grow. Putting it in Elk Grove they can build from there to accommodate all their needs up front with what looks like potential to spread out if more expansions happen to happen in future years.

Exciting times for those in Northern California.

This new zoo won't come cheap. $302 million is what they're estimating with more than half coming from the city of Elk Grove themselves.

The new zoo is hoping to open in 2029 so plenty of time between now and then to get everything they need so they're good to go for launch.

The Sacramento Zoo currently has around 400 animals including cheetahs, zebras, jaguars, kangaroos, birds of all kinds, lizards of all types and so much more. With the expansion, it's bound to be one of the best zoos on the west coast -- possibly in the United States.

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