What Businesses Does the Yakima Valley Need? [POLL]
The Yakima Valley seems to be growing a little bit more every day, and new businesses keep popping up. It seems, though, that the businesses are often similar. For example, Mexican restaurants. I love Mexican food, but we have a billion Mexican restaurants already. We also seem to have a mattress store on every corner. I haven't bought a mattress in years. Don't need to. When I need one, I will  h
Lion Tries to Eat Human Baby at Zoo – From Behind Glass! [VIDEO]
“Look at those cheeks! They’re so cute I could just eat them.” When grandma says it she only kinda means it. This lioness on the other hand, looks like she’d like nothing more than to smash through the glass and help herself to one heaping plate or adorable, clueless human. You can almost taste the cute.
Adorable Baby Ocelot Makes Debut at Seattle Zoo
Residents in Seattle now have access to one of the best pick-me-ups ever. A baby ocelot named Evita finally made an appearance Monday morning at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo. The 3-month-old spotted feline was born in early 2011 and has since been bonding with its mom behind closed doors.
Escaped Bronx Zoo Cobra Captured
The highly venomous cobra, which made headlines after she escaped from her holding cage in the Bronx Zoo last Friday, was captured Thursday morning in a dark corner of the Reptile House, according to Bronx Zoo officials. During her week on the lam the Egyptian Cobra has become a world-wide celebrity, and a joke Twitter account set up on the snake's behalf now has about 200,000 followers. Read Mo