It's 2022 and more sex offenders are living in the Yakima County. In 2016 the Yakima County Sheriff's Office was monitoring 894 offenders today that number has grown to 922 with 61 being level three offenders the most likely to reoffend.

Authorities are also monitoring those convicted of kidnapping

Authorities are also now including those who have been convicted of kidnapping. 12 people convicted of that crime are now being monitored by authorities in Yakima.
Authorities are urging parents to know where the offenders live to protect kids, especially the Level 3 offenders who they say are the most likely to reoffend.
Officials with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office say information is available on the sheriff's office website.
the Yakima County Sheriff's Office website allows you to find the approximate address of Level 3 offenders.

Level 1, 2, and 3 offenders are living in Yakima County

While 61 are the most likely to reoffend authorities say those who are Level 1 and 2 offenders are also a concern. All the sex offenders are visited or monitored by sheriff's deputies or Police officers on a weekly or monthly basis and all are required to register when they are released from prison. The offenders register an address for authorities to check on them or they list themselves as transients who are required to check-in with authorities on a weekly basis.

Why so many sex offenders in the area?

Why do so many sex offenders live in Yakima County? That's a good question that authorities have a variety of answers. Many tell KIT News it's the large geographic area where many can live in rural areas away from populations.

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