This sexy house for sale in Yakima on looks like something out of telenovela soap opera! You know the kind of houses that some gorgeous woman with wispy hair lives in and she's being emotionally tormented by wealthy ex-lovers or a mother who is overbearing so she has to run inside to her lounge chair and pretend to wail into the camera? Yes, I'm talking about that kind of a sexy house!


My mouth nearly fell off when I saw this beautiful Terrace Heights house for sale in Yakima. There is something about it that just seems straight out of a movie or TV show, don't you think? It is tucked away on Country Club Dr, which is right by the, you guessed it, Yakima Country Club. It's going for a million-plus dollars and has a killer view of the bedroom, you've got to see it in the gallery below.

I was also impressed with the entry way inside the house. I believe in telenovela speak, we would call it the "foyer". Part of what makes this house so sexy to me is its use of black paint for the garage doors and the wooden structures over the top of the roof. The living room is modernized yet it has that split level stair thing happening like they had in those 70s TV shows like the Brady Bunch.

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I used to watch a few telenovelas back in my Nashville days and my friends stationed at Fort Campbell out in Clarksville, KY, hipped me onto watching telenovelas. My favorite was La Reina del Sur (which has since become a watered-down American version called Queen of the South).

Anyway, check out the gallery of this 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath sexy home for sale in Yakima.

Marcos Ramos, brokered by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices via

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