On Saturday night Taylor Swift performed to a sold out concert in the Tacoma Dome.

I was lucky enough to find someone in our industry who was able to get me backstage passes.

My little Shaylee loves Taylor Swift, so I knew this would be a great first concert for her. I decided not to tell her where we were going. All she knew was that we would be in the car for a few hours.

She didn't figure out where we were going until we rolled up to the Tacoma Dome and she was able to read the marquee sign that said Taylor Swift tonight. That's when she asked, "Mom, are we going to see Taylor?" I told her yes, but still had one more surprise up my sleeve.

She discovered the second surprise when we had to go to the will call window to pick up the backstage passes. She looked at me with her blue eyes wide and asked, "Mom, are we going to meet Taylor Swift?" I told her yes and she started jumping up and down squealing!

We where waiting in line to go backstage and we couldn't see Taylor at first. When we got to where we could see her in line Shaylee turned to me and said, "Mom, she is so beautiful!!!"

Taylor talked with Shaylee and told her how cute her dress was. She also hugged her several times.

As we were walking away Shaylee said, "Mom, she even wears her own perfume!" It was so adorable!

All during the concert she would hug me and tell me how great of a mom I was. At one point I started to get teary eyed. It was a once in a lifetime experience that she wouldn't ever forget!

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