Shoppers at the West Valley Walmart say a kitten is trapped in the rafter of the store after getting into the building through a loading dock.

Tuesday is day 8 for the kitten caught in the roof of Walmart

Today is day 8 and a Yakima cat rescue volunteer says she's concerned the kitten will die before it's found. Koda Stacy says she's been to the store numerous times asking if she or another rescue could help catch. However because of liabilities of letting a private rescue volunteer into the store Walmart is working with a company that uses live traps. They hope to catch the animal soon.

The store has reportedly hired a pest control company to catch the kitten

Stacy says she's been to the store numerous times trying to work with employees but she's had no luck in finding the kitten.

Stacy says she plans more informational rallies

Stacy says they held informational rallies near the store last week. She tells KIT News "a few people came down talked to the manager the manager pretty much laughed at everyone was super rude and said that she has "better things to do with her time."

Walmart Media Relations say they have no intention of harming the animal and are using humane traps to catch the kitten. If and when the kitten is caught they'll take it to the humane society.

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