Yakima Fire Department Firefighters were busy dousing the flames of a home fire in West Valley early Tuesday. Firefighters were called to the fire at 6:00 am Tuesday in the 900 block of South 80th Avenue. When they arrived they found the two story home with flames coming from a downstairs bedroom. Everyone was able to escape with no injuries.

Firefighters say they were able to stop the fire from growing

Crews were able to contain the fire to the bedroom with damage limited to the bedroom and exterior of the home. Smoke damage however was found throughout the home. Investigators believe the fire was started by an overloaded electrical outlet but the cause remains under investigation.

Firefighters expect to see similar fires this winter

It's the kind of fire Firefighters see a lot during the cold winter months. Fires caused by a problem with electricity because of overloaded circuits, old space heaters plugged into extension cords or overloaded power strips.
Kitchen fires are also popular at this time of year with many people cooking and getting busy with other holiday activities.
Firefighters say when in the kitchen, stand by your pan.

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