So, in parts of my former home state of California, earlier this week they have did the unthinkable – they cancelled Halloween. Not only did they target door-to-door candy begging, they also targeted private parties and a popular Halloween alternative to going door-to-door, Trunk or Treat (car trunks are filled with candy and handed out).

Jennifer Barrow

After backlash (you know people finding out they have rights and whatnot?), the county changed their decision to just “banning it”.

Since the sheriff of LA County has announced he will not enforce it, it is a pointless act by the county of Los Angeles. Am sure that taxpayer money was well spent.

Now, I am not a big Halloween guy. In fact, I could do without it all together. I know. I am weird.

But it does bring up a good question. One that is worthy of discussion.

Should Yakima BAN Trick Or Treating?


There is a lot of anxiety with this. We want to protect our kids and keep them from harm. Is this the right approach? Is it better to safe, than sorry?

Some great questions there. First off, Trick or Treating is mostly done outdoors. Second, many will be wearing some sort of mask.


Let’s also not forget, kids are the group least affected by COVID. In fact, according to the CDC, out of 330 Million people, only 62 kids under age 14 have passed away due to COVID.

Now, 62, is 62 too many. That works out to 0.00000019% that a child will die from COVID. In context, those are some pretty good odds.


One of our founding Fathers Benjiman Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

He was also the same guy who thought that the America's national bird should be a turkey, so there's that.

So we ask again, Should Yakima BAN Trick Or Treating? Your thoughts?


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