If you're husband and father are as stubborn as mine, then it's very likely you've had some version of this conversation:

you: dad/honey you should go see a doctor

them: why, so they can tell me something's wrong? I'm fine.

you: *walks away*

Yeah, let's face the reality here. Men are just less likely to seek out professional medical help, even when they know something's off. So how do we change the conversation? We raise awareness about men's health and create the environment that it's OK to go to the doctor or talk to someone about their issues including depression and anxiety. According to KIMA, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic’s Internal Medicine Pediatrician, Victoria Fox-Behrle, says men are "less likely than women to seek out mental health services."

So to help start that conversation and the way we see men's health, the YVFW is encouraging you to wear blue on Friday, June 15 and post pictures on social media usiing #ShowUsYourBlue. With Father's Day this weekend, it's the perfect time to start spreading awareness, and if your dad, husband, brother, or friend want to connect with a professional about diabetes, insomnia, or even depression and anxiety, there are resources at the YVFC.

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