In honor of Father's Day, Omaha Steaks has released a new survey which shows signs that you've hit "peak dad." Check 'em out:

  • Laughing at your own jokes 33%
  • Busting out corny dance moves 32%
  • Embarrassing your kids on purpose 31%
  • Always the one manning the grill 30%
  • Doing DIY stuff around the house 30%
  • Excited to go to home improvement stores 29%
  • Spending time in “the shed” 28%
  • Having ‘a chair’ 28%
  • Mid-afternoon nap is a must 28%
  • Wearing cargo shorts 28%

Laughing at my own jokes, manning the grill, DIY stuff around the house, excited to go to home improvement stores ... YES. That is me 100%. What's wrong with that?

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