Father's Day 2012 is this Sunday, and I had no idea when I was a young boy how important it would be a good father figure in your life. Since I was about two years old my Father raised my brother and I with the help of my Grandparents. As a kid you take a lot of things for granted and looking back I didn't realize how good I had it. We took family vacations, went back to school shopping together, and my Dad even paid $2000 for me to go on a trip to Washington DC which sparked my political interests.


Now it wasn't always rainbows, caterpillars and ponies...I remember my Dad saying "I'll give you something to cry about" quite a few times growing up. The only way to learn sometimes is the hard way, and I've had my fair share of life's lessons (most of them self imposed.) I will always view my Dad as a hardworking and caring Father who wants what is best for his family. He has always given me more than I deserve and he has always let me make my own choices in this life right or wrong. He may not always agree with me but he is always there listen and help out and I'm sure worry about me at times. One thing you should know about me is I'm not really a handyman, and he tries to teach me how to do different things around the house...but it's easier for me to call him and have him do it. It's actually how we get to spend time together. So as you spend time with your Dad this Father's Day Weekend make sure you let him know in your own way how much he means to you. Happy Fathers Day!

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