The longer you live in Washington the more strange things you learn about your home state. I always remember growing up and hearing my brothers tell me strange things about Washington, I always questioned if they were messing with me or not.

Later in life, I would learn they were actually being serious. Not only did I learn some fun facts but fun ice breakers to talk about with people. Seriously, some of these things I was still skeptical but I assure you they're all real.

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The Largest Building In America Is In Everett

The Boeing final assembling plant is in Everett, it's where all of their planes go to finish their assembly. They even have a runway to send the planes off to their forever homes.

One Of The Oldest Gas Stations Is In Zillah

Opened in 1922 Teapot Dome Historical Site is a tourist attraction in Zillah Washington. Most gas stations were leveled and rebuilt but somehow this one stayed standing for almost 100 years. You can visit it by following the address HERE

The Yakima Reservation Has 12,000 Wild Horses

It's true horses still run free but mostly on the West side of the country. Washington has one of the higher numbers with Yakima Native American Reservation having 12,000 wild horses roaming the land.

Washington State Is Part Of The Ring Of Fire

The Ring Of Fire is 10 different active volcanoes that line up in a circle, hypothesized if they all went off could end the world. out of 10, 5 of them are on the Cascade Range. Mt. Rainer, Mt. Baker, Mount Adams, Glacier Peak and, Mt. St Helens.

The Longest Beach On The West Coast Is Washington

You would think the longest beach would be California but in fact, Washington has the longest continuest beach on the west coast at Long Beach Peninsula.

The Pig War Was Started In Washington

Our Country has been to war a number of times the only one we forget about was the war with Canada. Technically it was still territory owned by the British, it took place in the San Juan Islands when a pig was shot and killed for trespassing and eating potato crops which sparked a dispute on where US borders started and ended into British territory.

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