One day you're just skate boarding in the morning. Sipping on some Cran-Raspberry Juice. All while recording a video for social media. Jamming out to some Fleetwood Mac. Next thing you know, you go viral.

That is what happened to Nathan Apocada, from Idaho Falls. Better known as doggface208 on his Instagram. He was riding his skateboard to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. Just chillin' and sipping on some Cran-Raspberry juice. Now that's what I call multitasking.

When I first watched the video. I felt a calmness come over me. Needles to say so did the country. Nathan originally uploaded that video to his TikTok. Then to his Instagram and went viral over a weekend. The video has been seen a few million times, and counting.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I noticed a few friends and family of mine commenting on a post he was featured on. From another media outlet. Saying that they know him. I found out through one of his cousins. Nathan has family that lives on the Yakama Nation. They really can't get ahold Nathan to congratulate him.

Mainly because he is a busy man. Between social media and media. Nathan is still working to take care of his family. His family over here on the Yakama Nation. Is very happy for him for getting some national attention, so am I. Again after watching the video. I felt a sense of calmness.

Also because he one of many Native Americans just having some fun. And bringing some positivity into the world. Parts of his video have also been made into memes.

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Here is his viral video

The video is even getting people to do copycat videos. Mick Fleetwood himself took notice and made a video.

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