Brother duo Smith & Wesley take listeners to the "Land of Y'all" in their new single. The track gives thanks for their southern roots and all the good that comes with them; press play below to listen.

Written by Bernie Nelson and Phil O'Donnell, "The Land of Y'all" captured Scott and Todd Smiths' attention from the get-go. Upbeat and energetic, the song reminded the pair of childhood.

"It is an awesome feeling to hear a song and it feels like a song that you would have written," Scott Smith tells The Boot. Todd adds that, because of their thick accents, the pair often get asked where they're from -- and the title of this song is a phrase they've used to answer that question.

"We have joked before that we are from the ‘Land of Y’all,'" he adds. "Scott and I totally missed the boat on this songwriting opportunity, but thankfully, God was watching out for us (as he always does) and hooked us up with Bernie."

"Land of Y'all" is the title track of Smith & Wesley's forthcoming new album, Greetings From the Land of Y'all. It's the first album on which the Smiths recorded outside songs; only five of the project's tracks are songs they penned.

Natives of the northern Georgia / Chattanooga, Tenn., area, Smith & Wesley released their debut album, Choices & Chances, in 2015. Their sophomore project, For Better or for Worse, followed in 2018.

Greetings From the Land of Y'all is due out on Sept. 18, via BFD / Audium Nashville. Visit for more details.

Listen to Smith & Wesley's "Land of Y'all":

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