Now that Halloween has concluded we are officially into November. Which means it might as well be Christmas. It also means that it's basically Easter -- if you are in retail, that is. I am the type of person who likes to enjoy the decorations and the weather that accompany each season, so here are some things we can look forward to in November.

First, two movies I am personally super-excited about seeing ("A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" and "Frozen 2") are coming out in theaters on the same weekend! I am saying there is a good chance I may go see "Frozen 2" in costume because I like to "Let It Go, Let It Go"! I am also currently taking applications for people who would like to go see "Frozen 2" with me, but you must be in costume and you have to be willing to fling glitter and sing "Let It Go."

On another movie note, something I am NOT looking forward to is the latest remake of "Charlie's Angels" -- that is a movie I will not be hitting the box office to see.

Speaking of Disney movies, Disney Plus comes out in T-9 days, and yes, your girl is already signed up and is a part of what they like to call "founders circle." It sounds fancy, but I have yet to see any benefits of it.

And The CMAs are on the 13th, with Carrie Underwood taking her place as the host. And she will be accompanied by Reba as her co-host.

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