I love Spokane.

There, I said it.

Growing up I never really went to Spokane ever. Only drove through it a couple of times when we drove to Yellowstone National Park as a family back in the mid-'80s but that's really about it.

It wasn't until recently when we now have family that lives in Spokane that we visit about every month and every time we're there we find something new to love about that town.

For some, Spokane is all anyone has ever known. For the people who were born and raised there and will eventually spend the rest of their days there, it's the place to be.

Like any town, Spokane has seen a lot of growth in the past several years. It's hard to know what it was really like back in the time before everyone had cell phones or Google Maps could take you on that journey.

The other day I was doomscrolling through Facebook while eating a popsicle (don't judge) when I found this archived footage of Spokane.

Not just a quick clip or photo, either. Near one hour of footage of someone literally just driving through Spokane up Division street, all on a camcorder of sorts.

It was fun to see some landmarks like Zips which looks exactly the same unlike most other restaurants.

Also to just see the types of cars on the road. Very cool.

Even a historic look at national chains like the 76 station complete with spinning logo, seeing gas at $1.17 a gallon, the old Wendy's and Dairy Queen.

Interesting to see, too, that when you drive up North Division and it comes to that Y in the road where you can stay on Division or turn towards Newport, that's about when development stopped back in 1983. Now they have stores, shops, buildings, malls, houses and a lot more on those road but, back then, it's all there was.

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