Steve Hahn's 5th Annual Trunk or Treat was a major success. There were over 70 different trunks with tons of candy, live music from D-Rez, a really cool set-up with haybales for selfies, Captain Squirrel and Dave brought the magic, and an incredible haunted house to wrap it all up with black lights scary characters popping out of the hidden passages and even a spit pit full of bubbles for everyone to enjoy! Did you make it out?

If You're Curious About What a Massive Trunk or Treat Looks Like

The Joker and Daphne from Scooby Doo
Sarah Johnson

Shout-Out to the Community

Winifred and Sarah Sanderson
Sarah Johnson

This was my first time attending this massive event and I was amazed at the time and energy it takes from our local community members and businesses to pull something like this off. So much candy, planning, and time donated for free to make sure that our community receives a safe and fun Halloween experience. Props to everyone who took the time to create detailed themes and fun vibes for all!

Side Note


I have a source that informed me a political group decided to roll on through later in the evening, not appropriate at all. Especially with the last name you have, shame on you and everyone who thought this was a great idea. This evening was for kids, not your political agenda and hopefully, people think about that when they hit the polls.

Make Memories Every Year 

The 5th Annual Steve Hahn Trunk or Treat

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