Steve Moakler and his crew are mostly unharmed following what he says was a "really scary accident" in their touring van on Thursday (April 26).

Moakler was behind the wheel, driving his crew to Asheville, N.C., for a performance at the Grey Eagle when the crash occurred. "Wow .... crazy day. We got into a really scary accident a couple hours ago while I was behind the wheel," he explains on social media, also sharing a photo of the damage to the vehicle.

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No serious injuries have been reported, at least in his van. "With the exception of a few minor bruises, cuts, and burns, everyone is miraculously okay," Moakler says. "Thanking God and his angels for protecting us and everyone else on the road. I’m so happy to be alive."

Family in the area were able to help Moakler and the band get to their show Thursday night, but Friday's show (April 27) in Myrtle Beach is canceled because the accident "totally knocked out our transportation."

Moakler is currently on his 2018 Born Ready Tour, named after his new single and the title track of his upcoming album. The song came about after Moakler was asked to create a song for a trucking company, but eventually it evolved into a song about his own story. “It started as, 'I’m gonna write a song for them' and quickly became ‘Hey, there’s a lot of me in this song, too,'" he tells Taste of Country. Moakler has less than a month of dates left, wrapping the tour on May 19 in Detroit, Mich.

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