7.14.14, the infamous tweet that Sting sent out teasing wrestling fans around the world and preparing us a for a big announcement. That big announcement was the Sting will be included in 'WWE 2K15' which is the first time he's ever appeared in a WWE video game. Sting is the pre-order character for the game which will be released on Oct. 28th.

It's been no secret that Stinger has been talking with WWE, and when he appeared in the Ultimate Warrior documentary on the WWE Network the hyperbole reached an all time high. So what's next Sting?

Everyone that I know is hoping for a retirement match at Wrestlemaina 31 against the Undertaker in his home state of California. I'd be happy if I just saw him appear on RAW. The future is unclear as to IF or WHEN he will make an actual debut on WWE television. I know as a fan who grew up in the 80's and 90's it would be awesome to see him retire from in ring work in front of the WWE universe.

Sting is one of the only major stars from World Championship Wrestling to not sign with WWE. The one thing I love about WWE is that anything can happen and I'm happy not knowing IF or WHEN Sting will make himself known to us in the WWE Universe.

SIDE NOTE: I do wish that wrestling dirt sheets online would just let things develop instead of trying to scoop the big returns of major stars, it doesn't help the product and makes me want to stay off Facebook or the internet so I can truly be surprised.