For some of us, coffee is a staple to our lives. Seriously, it's what holds us up all day. One of the beautiful things about coffee is that you can make it exactly to your liking -- it's not a one-taste-fits-all type of drink. You can cater it to your liking.

Although most of us love a good latte or mocha made from the love of a barista, a new survey has found that 88% of us still make our own coffee. I am one of those people. I love the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

The survey also says that 79% of us put something in our coffee, like cream or sugar. Millennials are more likely to taint their coffee with add-ons, while older generations are more apt to drink it black. I myself have always said I was born in the wrong generation, and if we base it on how I like my coffee, that would be true. I love mine black -- like dark roast black!

Us coffee lovers also have our favorite mugs! So In honor of National Coffee Day, show me your favorite coffee mug!

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