Pop culture has been taken over by Superheroes, with Disney and Warner Bros raking in the money from their latest blockbuster superhero films. Most of these heroes exist in fictional cities or are based in New York.

However, there's a handful of famous superheroes that were based right here in the Evergreen state. We've compiled a list of Superheroes you may not have known lived right here in Washington.

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4.) Detective John Hartigan

Some people may recognize this name if they ever watched the movie Sin City which takes place in Seattle. The grungey noir-style storytelling captured the hearts of many, written by famous Batman and Daredevil writer, Frank Miller. John may not be considered a Superhero but he's a famous comic book character residing in Washington nonetheless.

3.) Jonah Hex DC Comics

Jonah hex is a famous bounty hunter born in the 19th century, he was originally born in Missouri and migrated to the west during the time of cowboys. He's recognized for the huge scar on his face somewhat like Two-Face. However, this good guy traveled thru time to the 21st century and resided in Seattle for quite a while.

2.)  Green Arrow Dc Comics

Green Arrow is a famous superhero in the DC universe and one that dresses up as Robin Hood and fights crime with a bow and arrow. But don't write him off, Oliver Queen is a billionaire and heavy into tech just like Batman, using special trick arrows to take down supervillains. The fictional city he's from is Star City but of course, they would move the Emerald Archer to the Emerald City of Seattle.

1.) Peacemaker Dc Comics

Peacemaker is a hero killing anyone who stands in the way of his mission of peace. Granted most people in the DC Comics universe see Peacemaker as a supervillain he considers himself a hero. Recruited by The Suicide Squad Peacemaker goes on missions all around the world but resides and works specifically in rural Washington. Peacemaker was recently in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and then got his own spin-off series on HBOmax that took the world by storm titled Peacemaker.

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