Ghosts can be absolutely terrifying especially around this time of year, we see ghost hunting shows and it makes us wonder if any place is haunted like that around Yakima. After talking to some locals and doing some research it may be safe to say Yakima is haunted.

Yakima was founded in 1865, with over 156 years of history in the valley plenty of people have passed down ghost stories. Some stories had traction and even some proof behind them. So let's talk about some scary ghost stories that have been shared in Yakima.

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Capitol Theater

This is the main story I've heard from locals and found while researching. Many believe the Capitol Theater in downtown Yakima is haunted and the stories they have will send shivers down your spine. The main ghost said to be haunting the theater goes by the name of "Shorty" an old manager of the mid-1930s had taken his own life in the theatre and is said to be there to this day, employees have claimed to hear footsteps following them, sounds of faint screams and even a claim of a door being slammed in someones face with no one else on the other side to slam it. Tho Shorty is rumored to still be around his old stomping grounds some claim more spirits linger in the theatre, some are not sure if it's people who died there or if it's just spirits that found their way to "Shorty".

The Old Train Depot

This one had me a little shook, I won't lie. The Train Depot is said to be haunted when workers reported hearing strange music late at night, one security guard even recounted a night he was working and heard kids laughing inside the building but none were to be found. Some claim children who had passed away come here to play games late at night in the empty depot.

Mabton High School

This one was investigated by a local ghost hunting team in Yakima and they claim to have proof of the haunting. They claim that one night while during an investigation they had left glow sticks in a hallway with a camera on them. They walked away to go investigate other parts of the school only to come back and find one of the glowsticks moved to another room. On camera they found a video of the glowstick flung through the air into the other room with no one around. Other stories claim to hear screams coming from the school during the night which prompted investigators to go in and check it out.

Do you have a Ghost Story for the Yakima Valley?

If you or someone you know have a ghost story in the Yakima valley, reach out and share it with me. I'd love to hear your stories.

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