Rumors and stories have a way of inventing themselves inside a High School. Most of the time they're about the current students attending high school or a teacher that's been there for some time. It's easy to start a rumor or make up a story that everyone will adapt and make their own.

However, this isn't about rumors this is a story of a haunting one that occurs at a local Yakima High School. Some choose to believe this story, others claim it's the imagination of some high schoolers, however, this has been multiple classes to experience anomalies. So we'll break it to you which High School is haunted in Yakima.

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The Haunted High School in Question

The High School in question here is none other than Mabton High School, for years Students have claimed of dealing with creepy stories about the ghosts that roam these halls. Most people wrote this off, but one investigative team actually took it seriously and did a lockdown inside the school.

But what triggered them to actually investigate? Stories of things being moved around inside classrooms halls and even lockers. Objects that were left somewhere specific and found on the opposite side of the school the next morning. As if a student was playing a prank on their fellow classmates or teachers.

Ghost Hunting Team enters the High School

During their investigation, they wanted to test the stories of things going missing or being moved. They set up Cameras in different Hallways and left glowsticks on the floor to make sure they could be spotted even if they were slightly moved.

They had come back to the hallway where the glowsticks were left to find that they had indeed been moved into another room. More terrifying was the video footage they had caught of the incident. When they looked back at the video they found no one in the hall, however a glowstick was flung threw the air as if someone had thrown it from the ground and into  the classroom near by.

People still claim to witness other worldly Phenomonoms 

Old students and current to this day drive by the school at night and claim to hear the sounds of screams to detour them from coming anywhere near. Students to this day still claim the place is haunted but they don't fear the school during the day...only at night.

Is the spirit sending a message to stop students from coming into the school at night and creating trouble, or is it something more sinsiter?


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