Three Things We’re Missing Out On Here In Yakima
I've Been In Yakima for almost two months now, after a trip over the mountain to visit family I realized we're missing out on a few things. Don't get me wrong there are things here in Yakima I wish we had over on the west side but I don't live there anymore...
The Most Mouthwatering Breakfast Spot That Will Leave You Drooling
I've been here for about a month now and I think I've found some pretty decent breakfast spots. But wouldn't you know it, my new best friends and co-hosts Brian and Reesha turned me on to my new favorite place. Ballesteri's is a quaint little spot right across from our station, little did I known when Brian and Reesha got me breakfast from there I wouldn't be able to stop going back. Balleste... R
The Tastiest Burger Joints In Yakima I Can’t Live Without!
It's been almost a whole month since I moved to Yakima, finding the best burger joint in town was my first mission. I'm a bigger boy and I don't shy away from food, for me a classic Burger Joint is a must for any town. I got to looking around as soon as I passed the "Welcome to Yakima, The Palm Springs Of Washington...

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