Revealing Yakima's Best Cars To Pass The Driver's Test
A question was posed to me a few days ago and surprisingly, I had to stop and think about the answer. My memory is usually sharp, but, the question was: what was the car you drove to pass your driving test? Hmmm, I thought. I certainly remember my first car, but, I had to really reflect and think ab…
Ready to plug in?
Having just returned from a long, summer road trip, I'm more in love with my car than ever before.
But some news that broke while I was gone has me thinking road trips might be changing soon.
How many cars can you have?
A co-worker of mine has an issue, and he didn't cause it. He lives in a neighborhood where two houses have 11 cars and one motorbike parked in their driveways and on the street right in front of his house. I think there should be an ordinance that protects a homeowner from another homeowner&apo…
'Cookies' or 'doughnuts'?
Rik was rambling on about test-driving his Subaru when he said that the salesman had him go do "cookies" in the state fair parking lot.
I responded with, "ummm ... it's not called cookies. It's called doing doughnuts."
He then continued to argue with me th…
10 Things You Might Not Know About Pixar’s ‘Cars’
While Cars would eventually come to be about hotshot racing car Lightning McQueen, Cars was originally titled “The Yellow Car” and was going to be about an electric car living in a gas-guzzling world. This is just one of the facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Mo…

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