Operation Harvest Is Looking For Donations Saturday
Operation Harvest was started 34 years ago with the hope to squash hunger in the Yakima Valley. It's been a long road but every little bit of donations that you give every single year helps immensely in our valley. Operation Harvest's goal this year is to raise 150,000 - 200, 000 pounds fo…
Global cause needs local aid
Michele and I had this great charity, Days For Girls, on the air a few months back.
I never realized that girls around the world in third world nations didn't have access to basic clothing and feminine products.
Days For Girls is a nonprofit organization in Yakima that sends underwear, wash cloths and…
From aww to awesome
Actor Wil Wheaton and his wife Anne have saved a few animals in their time, and Anne decided to help raise money through a pet calender featuring celebrities and their saved pets. The pictures are adorable and a small donation gets you a copy.

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