Grills & Smokers You'll Love to Cook On
Fall is here and so is football season. That means it's time to cook up some brats and burgers and watch the big game. Here are some grills, smokers and fun accessories to help your home team get the ring for the best snack team.
Local cook on 'Master Chef'
Getting yelled at by Chef Gordon Ramsey should be on everyone's bucket list and it looks like a local Yakima man is going to get a chance as a contestant on this season's "Master Chef".
In over her head?
I have to admit that I'm not knowledgeable about seafood. Going to a restaurant and ordering seafood that someone else cooks is where my seafood knowledge begins and ends.
But that's about to change, thanks to Deep Sea Deli! They are helping educate me about preparing seafood...
Brenner Salad Recipe – The Dish With Sara Evans
The dish with Sara Evans is an exclusive new feature which gives the ‘Anywhere’ hitmaker a platform to share her many delicious recipes (remember, she’s a mom and stepmom to 7 kids!) with country music fans. Check back each week in August and early September f…
Get your “Taste of home” this Saturday in Yakima
It’s coming to YAKIMA on SATURDAY, MAY21ST! Grab your family and friends and join us at THE CONVENTION CENTER to learn delicious new recipe ideas, learn cooking tips, techniques and new spring recipes for your spring entertaining.
Please bring a non-perishable food item, to the show, for Northwest Ha…

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