Beats red vs. blue
Here’s one of the few posts you’ll find on the internet today that isn’t about politics – no red-vs.-blue arguments here. We promise.
But it does have some color.
Leave them be?
Ah, fall -- the leaves turn breathtaking colors, setting the hills ablaze with streaks of red, orange and yellow.
But somehow, they don't look as pretty when they're all over your lawn. Now they just look like work.
Do they need to, though...
Do these go together? [POLL]
I love me some pumpkin pie, and people are flipping out over Starbucks serving up pumpkin spice lattes already.
But at what point has the whole pumpkin-flavored thing gone too far?
Nabisco has even announced pumpkin-spice Oreos for a limited time this fall...
What are the BEST and WORST Things about the Fall/Winter Season?
Katy Carver says: The best thing; hot apple cider or Hot Chocolate. The Worst thing; Drivers that can't drive in the snow.
April Jordan says: Wait...there is a worst thing about fall? I don't believe it. I love that its cold, I love the fall colors, I love the holidays....and most important…

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