Thousands of kids in the Yakima Valley are gearing up for the 2022-2023 school year, whether it means getting their sports physicals scheduled, buying new fall clothes and shoes because they've outgrown last year's wear, and going to class orientation sessions. ESD105 houses all of the public school districts in our neck of the Central Washington woods (and backwoods).

There are twenty-five (25) public school districts that cover the Educational School Districts, which means a ton of fun fall school colors for students to show off. Those students with extra school spirit may be getting excited for the upcoming sports games including but not limited to the fall sports of football and basketball, but also wrestling, bowling, track and field, and soccer. Although it might take us a while to list off every high school in ESD105 and their school colors, we're going to give you the top four fall colors that each of our high schools have in common.

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