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Why We Love Living in Yakima!
A recent study showed Yakima in the top 275 when it comes to "most miserable cities in the U.S." But living in Yakima isn't THAT bad, is it? What do you LOVE about living here?
Are the kids bored?
Here it's finally the weekend and you want to just linger around the house and relax, however your kids are running around the house screaming, yelling, watching videos on Youtube, making a big mess in the living room and/or saying things like "Mommy, I'm bored...
24 Hours in Yakima Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]
The three ladies that founded I Heart Yakima were able to produce this viral video about why the Yakima Valley is so great. They enlisted the support of some great underwriters and a fun cast of characters. I even have a small part in the video. The YouTube account says this about the video
24 Hours in Yakima [A Short Film]
We love our town, and we know a lot of folks do. So, why does our beloved Yakima get such a bad rap? We believe Yakima is worthy of "the kind of love that causes you to write letters, shout from rooftops, and challenge anyone who would dare speak poorly of your beloved." That'…