Word to your mother
My kids think I'm pretty hilarious when one particular song comes on: Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby."
I know that song word for word. My singing does include some dancing, which can sometimes include the running man.
Which song or songs do you know every word to...
Reading between the lines
Michele and I were talking on the morning show about lyrics that we've messed up on.
For instance, I thought for years that England Dan and John Ford Coley's song said "I'm not talking about millennium," only to discover 20 years later that they were really saying "I'm not talking abou…
100 Best Drinking Songs of All Time
Country music and Drinking go hand in hand, and just like cheap booze there are lousy drinking tunes. Our friends at Taste of County dot com put together the top 100 Drinking Songs of all Time. Click here to read the article while you kick back on a cold one...