The COVID-19 pandemic has up-ended our normal lives for five-plus weeks now . . . and for some people, it's more of a massive annoyance than anything else.  But for others, it's extremely stressful. 

 So we put together a playlist of 10 country songs that "may provide comfort" during these difficult times.  Here are the ones they came up with: 

  1. "Blessings", Florida Georgia Line
  2. "Bluebird", Miranda Lambert
  3. "Most People Are Good", Luke Bryan
  4. "Rainbow", Kacey Musgraves
  5. "Watch the Wind Blow By", Tim McGraw 
  6. "Anyway", Martina McBride
  7. "Riser", Dierks Bentley
  8. "Crowded Table", TheHighwomen 
  9. "Jesus, Take the Wheel", Carrie Underwood
  10. "I Can't Change the World", Brad Paisley


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