Yakima is by no means a hot spot for big artists to come to, but we know we're worth the stop when it comes to a country-wide tour. We have a lot to offer including our amazing venue, the Yakima Sun Dome.

There's a lot of shows announced especially with everyone so pumped up after the covid quarantine. So we took a look at some big shows on tour and talking about the ones we're dying to see come to the Yakima Valley.

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5.) Thomas Rhett

One of the biggest names in Country music over the last ten years, he's made waves in the industry with his song writing talent sand performance. So of course he's gonna make it on our list of artists we'd kill to see at the Yakima Valley Sundome

4.) Doja Cat 

Doja Cat raised onto the scene and blew the rap game out of the water, showing everyone that she was gonna be the next big talent. Boy was she right, she's charted more times than once, she's worked with other huge talents like Post Malone, Little Dicky and a whole lot more. She's also a viral sensation on tiktok that everybody cant' get enough of.

3.) Kane Brown

Kane Brown went from working at target and making youtube videos to an overnight sensation. Becoming one of the biggest country musicians currently working in the business. His art has defined a generation of new country artists, no he didn't reinvent the wheel, he just added new life into it.

2.) Blink-182

The comeback tour not one saw coming, or maybe they did. Blink-182 defined pop punk music in the 90's and early 2000's. Sadly they had broken up and the band members went their separate ways Tom Delong created Angels and Airwaves while Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker formed Plus 44. Tho hope and joy sparked as the band reunited, sadly it was short lived and once again Tom had left. After Mark's battle with cancer the band got back together again, releasing a new album and going on tour, sadly not to Yakima, So we figured why not make a last ditch effort.

1.) Post Malone

The artist nobody saw coming, a young rapper from Texas who took the world by storm with a single song. The his talents really shined when every album he released was an absolute hit on the circuit for fans and the music industry. Post Malone didn't become a millionaire overnight, he perfected his craft and constantly tries new forms of music while sticking to his roots of rock, country, and hip hop. He's currently touring with his latest album and the Yakima Valley would absolutely kill to have him play here.

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