Marshmallow and Gaston
Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, so every morning when I'm eating my breakfast before leaving for work I get a little entertainment from our sugar gliders and the cat.
Marshmallow used to bother me while I was eating my breakfast for our alone time. Now, she has something more fun to do.
Hey -- it's 'our time'
Each morning I'm up before everyone else in the house. The house is quiet and still while I sit on the couch watching the news eating my oatmeal. Every morning the cat seems to think that this is "our time together." If I don't pay attention to her then she does this to m…
Hey -- we know her!
My friend Sadie's video has gone crazy-viral all over the Internet. I saw this video a few days ago on her Facebook page and watched it. I didn't think anything about it since I know her and her personality, and then suddenly today she is everywhere.

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