When Do You Do Your Taxes In Washington?
I hate doing taxes. One of the reasons I hate doing taxes is that I end up paying in about as much as one of my paychecks is. I never have enough extra money left over to do anything else after paying my bills, let alone pay my taxes. I always have to make payments to the tax board. But it is what i…
It's tax day, so it's wax day
This Wednesday (April 15) we as Americans will reach the deadline to file our income tax with the federal government. In honor of this momentous holiday we want to reward those who have to pay this year. We've got a fun little game planned called "You got taxed and he gets waxed.&q…
Don’t despair, IRS says
With less than one week remaining until the tax filing deadline, many people around the Yakima Valley are feeling the pressure. But don’t despair, says David Tucker of the Internal Revenue Service.

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