For years tattoos were seen as signs you'd been to prison, were low income, hated your life, and were probably not a good person. Now in 2022, we know all of that was just people being scared of what they didn't understand. Today it's very well known that Tattoos are creative outlets to wear something on your body that's either important, reminds you of something or someone, or is just for a good laugh.

Either way, Tattoos are very accepted in today's world and everyone from parents, to doctors, firefighters, police, teachers, and even nuns have tattoos. Well, we can't be positive on the Nun part. However, we decided to come up with some tattoo ideas to say you're from the Pacific Northwest in a way like never before, so let's dive into it!

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Sasquatch Tattoo

Look, everyone and their mom gets a forest tattoo to say they're from Washington, but why be like everyone else when you can really stand out? A sasquatch tattoo will do this, you can even make it your own, maybe they're wearing a Seahawks or Mariners Jersey, or Maybe he's hanging out with the new Kraken Mascot, Bouy. Either way, a Sasquatch is way more unique and a fun way to say you're from Washington!

Coffee Cup

Sure be a walking billboard and get your favorite coffee company, or maybe you can just do your favorite coffee cup with some foam art in the tattoo! You could do something from your childhood or a staple of Washington!

A Willow Goldfinch 

The Willow Goldfinch is a Beautiful bird that also just happens to be the Washington State bird established in 1931. However, it's not one you see tattooed a lot, but if you're looking for a tattoo that says you're from the PNW what better to get than the Willow Goldfinch?

Music Legend

Washington has been the home to so much music, sure the grunge era with Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Alice, and chains, however, there's also Jimmi Hendrix and Bing Crosby. Honestly, you can just take your pick of a music Legend from Washington State or a band logo and do up an awesome tattoo.

Hometown Skyline

So many people get themselves a Seattle Skyline Tattoo, yet they've never even lived in Seattle, visited sure but does that mean it's worth a tattoo? So why not, take your phone, go out somewhere you can snag a great pic of your own city skyline, take it to an artist and ask them to turn it into your own skyline tattoo?

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