It's not hard to find the romantic within Tenille Arts during her new single "Somebody Like That." The singer and favorite on ABC's The Bachelor is searching for a throwback kind of love in this pop-friendly, melodic country showcase.

Colorful portraits of love gone wrong don't dissuade Arts from believing in the kind of love your grandparents talk about, i.e., the kind that lasts. The singer's optimism bounces easily off a vibrant arrangement, but it's the strength of her chorus that defines "Somebody Like That." She powers effortlessly through an assault of country lyrics, but to a listener her ideology spills from the speakers like honey from a bear tipped over on the kitchen counter.

Arts is a compelling artist in 2020 because she finds alternative stages to showcase her music, never publicly bemoaning a lack of opportunities that every new artist (especially female artists) knows well. That professionalism carries over to her music during "Somebody Like That," a love song presented with great confidence and heart. It's OK to bet on love and her this year.

Did You Know?: Tenille Arts releases her Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between album on Jan. 10.

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Tenille Arts, "Somebody Like That" Lyrics:

I've seen pick up lines and dive-bar-strangers slow dance / I've seen happy hour two-for-ones turn to one night stands / I've seen neon rebounds / And late night drunk dials / I've seen that Cinderella fairytale go up in cigarette smoke / I've seen two hearts bet it all and still end up broke / The real thing won't be easy / Yeah it might take a while / But I want …

That all in, fallin’,keep the fire burning / Like the first time feeling, no matter what / If I'm gonna love / I'm gonna love somebody like that / Kinda heart, open arms / Says forever and will never ever take it back / If I'm gonna love / I’m gonna love somebody like that.

I still remember momma walking down the living room stairs / And daddy saying with a smile, ‘that's my girl right there’ / They had their share of ups and downs / And I saw the best, and the worst, and the work, and the worth it. To get to

Repeat Chorus

I've had some real close calls / A couple diamond ring thoughts / And enough midnight tears to know what love's not.

Repeat Chorus

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