Tenille Arts is burning bright on her new song "Wildfire and Whiskey," and she's sharing the lyric video with Taste of Country readers first so they can sing along.

The perfect track about summer love, Arts keeps it simple for the video, animatedly strumming her guitar while the lyrics to the song flash upon the screen in illuminated gold lettering. The lighthearted song details the effects of a passionate summer romance, making us all fall in love with warm lyrics like "Dancing to an old truck radio / In a wide open field where we're alone / Got my heart feeling like a sparkle in the dark / When you kiss me."

Arts co-penned the song with Jason Massey, who's responsible for co-producing Kelsea Ballerini's hit "Dibs" and co-writing "Peter Pan." "Wildfire and Whiskey" is a similarly inviting sound with a playful vibe and radio-friendly lyrics.

The 22-year-old is making an impression in country music — she was a Taste of Country #LetTheGirlsPlay artist, offering impressive covers of today's hit country songs like "Better Man" and "Humble and Kind." A big fan of Shania Twain growing up, Arts' neighbor encouraged her mother to put her in voice lessons after hearing her sing the classic “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” in her backyard. She made the long trek from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada to Nashville to pursue her dreams — and it's paying off.

“I probably wouldn’t have dreamed this big a year ago,” she reveals. “I just didn’t realize how many things could happen so quickly with me being here. You can set up that meeting tomorrow and just everything can happen a lot faster. I wasn’t prepared for that.”

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