Terminator Genisys left audiences baffled — hardly the return to form for the franchise we’d hoped for after Terminator: Salvation (remember that movie?), and while there were some interesting / wacky ideas within, Genisys was mostly miscast and about as bland as Jai Courtney himself. Last we heard, the franchise’s producers assured fans that the series would continue after some “recalibrating,” but today’s update isn’t a very optimistic one for anyone who was hoping for another sequel.

THR reports that Paramount has removed the next Terminator sequel, aka Terminator 6, from its upcoming release schedule, putting Dwayne Johnson’s R-rated Baywatch movie in its place on May 19, 2017.

That doesn’t bode well for the franchise, which — thanks to the magic of time travel — has a sort of built-in reboot function. The last couple of installments have hit that button to underwhelming effect, essentially making Terminator the Spider-Man of Paramount. For all its flaws, Genisys did embrace all the time travel stuff to its wackiest extent, opening up the possibility for some really crazy timeline-hopping ideas in potential future installments — installments we may never see.

Unfortunately, Emilia Clarke was sadly miscast as Sarah Connor, and while Arnold Schwarzenegger was a delight (as usual), there was that whole Jai Courtney thing — at least it looks like David Ayer finally figured out a way to put him to good use in Suicide Squad. So that’s something, right?

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