The latest of weird, but funny, Super Bowl 2014 commercials features one of 'The Expendables' sharing a ride with Jim Henson's anthropomorphic, puppetized band.

Throughout 2013, Terry Crews started off the year by doing a series of hilariously strange Old Spice commercials. Now, it seems as if Terry Crews put the stick down and has finally filmed a commercial that is a bit more down to Earth. Terry starts off Toyota's Super Bowl 2014 ad as you'd expect it to start, by simply driving around. After what is presumably a long drive to work in the early hours of the morning, Crews pulls his Highlander over to help a broken down bus. Upon his offering of help, however, he finds out that things are a lot stranger than he ever anticipated. This isn't Old Spice, but this ad is done in a similar vein upon the revealing of Crews' passengers, Muppets.

While Fozzie, Ms. Piggy and more of the well-known Muppets are absent in this Toyota commercial, we're glad to see the focus is on the Muppet-comprised band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Lips, Animal, Floyd, Zoot and the rest of the band are here as they commandeer Crews' vehicle for the sake of spreading their music.

The Muppet squad pull into a bingo hall to host a set, just to find out that the elderly in attendance can rock out just with the best of them. Then, Terry starts joining in with the Muppet's fun as they go from place to place spreading their music. That is, until he finds himself back in his driveway stuck in the roof of his Highlander. Hinting that the entire episode was a hallucination, there is only one other Muppet to be seen at the end of the commercial, offering legitimacy to what Crews' experienced, and he's the king of the bunch.

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