'Trolls World Tour' has made $100 million since debuting on-demand earlier this month with a $20 rental price. That's still cheaper than a family of four than going to the theater. And, you are in the comfort of your living room. With all the time on our hands, it was smart of Universal to release this direct to home video. Cause, well, your kids.

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Usually home video release comes a couple months after it's theater release.  When Planet Earth shut down, Universal decided to release the film straight to digital, rather than postpone its theater release date.

I"Trolls World Tour" went on to make $100 MILLION (and counting) in digital rentals since it hit on-demand platforms earlier this month.  That's with a rental fee of $19.99, meaning 5 million rentals.

At this point, we might as well not even bother re-opening movie theaters when the pandemic is over. Although, movie theater popcorn right?.

Is this the new norm? We shall see...

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