Everyone knows the phrase "Keep Portland Weird" but what about Washington? We sure aren't the normal run-of-the-mill state, we have our own weird quirks that others seem to shrug off and not understand our way of life.

However, with the spirit of Halloween flowing through us right now, we thought, what better way to celebrate than by celebrating just how weird Washington is? So we're gonna share with you four of the weirdest attractions you can go see right now.

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4.) Hobbit Hut - Port Orchard

Located in Port Orchard, Washington, a true home for hobbits is available to the public to visit. The thing about this house is it's only for Hobbits, and since none live in Washington, you can only visit. Luckily, it's owned by The Brothers Green House Garden Center, meaning during business hours you, too, can get a tour of this adorable Hobbit House that, strangely enough, is located in Washington.

3.) Gum Wall - Seattle


2.) Gravity Hill - Prosser

This hill in Prosser confuses and freaks some out, but a quick drive out of the Yakima Valley will make you want to put the story of Gravity Hill to the test. This place is said to be an optical illusion but there is no actual proof to back that theory. Some claim the hill is haunted and has a strange magnetic pull. While going up this hill you don't have to put your foot on the gas, the hill will naturally take you uphill, as if you were going down it. However, some have claimed that if you attempt to drive it at night and put your car in neutral, your car will be "pushed" uphill. By the time your car stops, you'll find little handprints all over it as if abandoned children had pushed your car to safety.

If you're looking to test out the theory yourself, you can find the address right below.

Gravity Hills, 101204 N Crosby Rd, Prosser, WA 99350

1.) Fremont Troll - Seattle

The Fremont Troll has been a staple of Seattle landmarks since 1990 when it was first created. It lies underneath the Fremont Bridge, just waiting for you to come to snap a few selfies. The area around the Fremont Troll is always open to the public since it is under an actual bridge that thousands of people use every day. Check out the pic below to really get an idea of how "out-there" it really is.

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