The 2020 ACMs’ are tonight LIVE from Nashville. It takes me back to one of my fondest memories from my attendance in 2013.

I was invited to attend the ACM Awards at it’s usual home in Las Vegas. It was a pretty awesome experience. I arrived on Thursday and was ready for the 4 day party. Concerts, shows, fundraisers and general mayhem.

Thursday night, the concert was headlined by a new guy by the name of Thomas Rhett. He played to 22,000 fans in the desert heat next to The Linq.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Friday was a golf event with a bunch of artists. I love me some golf, but am horrible at it. Friday night it was Superstars Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks in concert. Saturday day we ventured around Vegas to see some sights. Then went to a Dustin Lynch Listening Party where we heard new tracks from his ‘Where It’s At’ album.


Saturday night was Gary Allen’s album release party @ The Foundation Room which is a high end club on the 63rd floor at Mandalay Bay. It was a scene straight out of the movies. Velvet lined walls, cage dancers, lush furniture and some of the most beautiful people on the planet. It felt like another world.



Sunday, was all about the ACM Awards. Taping was at 5p @ T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. We got there around 4:30. We were seated about 8 rows back on the end of an aisle.

That year, the ACM Awards were hosted by Blake Shelton. The producers told you when to clap and it was on! I sat right next to the giant teleprompter that resembled a 100” flat screen TV. I could read along with what was on it as star after star seemed to be looking at me, but in reality, they were looking to the prompter for their cues.




After the first segment, I had my leg in the aisle when a man and woman, hand in hand were headed for the bar. That’s when it happened – the very attractive woman tripped over my foot as she walked by. Thankfully she didn’t fall and kept to her feet the whole time. That’s when the big burly guy she was with, turned around and asked me – “Is there a problem?” I looked at him stunned. I did not know what to say – mostly because he looked a lot like comedian Carrot Top. Except, he was yoked!

2005 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Getty Images

I stood up and replied sincerely “No sir. My apologies.” His date, said “I am sorry, I was on my phone.” No worries, enjoy your evening.” He glared at me and walked off. I sat back down and my colleague was laughing. I asked him “What was so funny?” While laughing he said, “Carrot Top was gonna kick your ass!”

“That was Carrot Top?!?” "Oh yeah, he was not happy. You almost became Carrot food!” The gentleman behind me said “I saw the whole thing. She wasn’t watching where she was going. But, I did have my phone ready just in case he tore into you. It’s not every day Carrot Top kicks your ass!”

We laughed and made fun of it all night. We hit up a post party at Mandalay Bay and hung with some colleagues afterwards when word got around about my Carrot Top experience. Still to this day, my friends and colleagues remind me of the 2013 ACM’s where Carrot Top almost kicked my ass. After that, I didn’t attend anymore ACM Awards because, well, I can’t Carrot Top that experience! (See what I did there?)

All My Best,

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